Eleanor Leahy

Eleanor Leahy
Eleanor Leahy

Eleanor Leahy

About Nibbles Food Emporium

Eleanor LeahyTake experience, skill and creative flair and blend it with an unwavering interest in nutrition and good health, the result of which is an award winning artisan bakery which specializes in dietary restriction, in particular gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and egg free produce. This love of good food and good health has resulted in breads and cakes which are a delicious alternative to the long-life products currently available.

The philosophy in Nibbles is to produce real food as nature intended, without any additives, preservatives or improvers, using the best quality and locally sourced ingredients.

Whether you are health conscious or seeking indulgence, Nibbles uses the finest ingredients; Macroom brown flour, milled on the last remaining stone mill in Ireland, Macroom Oatmeal, fresh creamery butter, fresh cream and rich Belgian chocolate. Nibbles stone ground brown bread, although not marketed as a health loaf, has all of the criteria, stone ground brown flour using all of the grain enriched with oatmeal resulting in a fibre rich, low GI (glycemic index) loaf. The apples in Nibble’s tarts are freshly hand peeled rather than using convenience packs of apples and the rhubarb is selected in its prime from her father’s garden.

Eleanor’s pride and passion for her work is evident in every bite.

About Eleanor Leahy

Eleanor Leahy Eleanor Leahy is the dynamic and enthusiastic proprietor of Nibbles Food Emporium in Millstreet, Co. Cork. She graduated from CIT as Student of the Year in 1999, represented her country in the European Silver Whisk competition in Brussels, and specialized as a Pastry Chef, before changing direction to start up her own business in 2004 at the tender age of 25.

Ironically Farmers Markets is where it all began for Eleanor before taking the plunge and creating Nibbles Food Emporium. Initially work concentrated on the Café / Bakery / Catering end of the business and developing a clientele for the gluten-free / dietary restriction sector. As the downturn in the economy was looming, Nibbles was constantly evolving and embracing the Farmer’s Market as an expansion of its customer base. Eleanor has been attending Mallow’s Farmers Market since its initiation 18 months ago as well as markets in her home town of Macroom, Ballincollig, Bishopstown, Douglas, Rathmore and soon to be Limerick.

Eleanor’s mother was originally a Mallow woman so Mallow has been tremendous in its support, well wishes and congratulations. Following the ‘Blas na h-Eireann” National Food Awards in 2009, Nibbles won Gold in the dessert category, crowning the classic Pear and Almond Tart as the best dessert in Ireland.

Eleanor is enjoying the return to her roots, where a largely rural population understand the value of good food and recognize true quality and value for money without needing to make exaggerated claims. Eleanor is also a huge advocate for the Farmers Market concept as a significant contributor to the local economy. Winning the All-Ireland Farmers Market Award 2010 is just the icing on the cake!